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"The earth is sick".


In the fashion world, not just the fashion world, packaging can be a competitive advantage in the communities in which people are into social media. The motivation behind the purchase may be driven by the insanely pretty packaging that comes along instead of merely the products itself.


"Do it for the gram!" becomes one of the lifestyles of many of us. As an advocate that encourage people to do what they see fun, Stay Palm value your enjoyment, and we will not be asking you to cut all the packaging and sacrifice lifestyle over the protection of environment. 

Of course, for avoid further destruction on environment, it would be best to be minimalistic and say bye to packaging. Yet, Stay Palm has our own way in tackling this issue.


Stay Palm highly value sustainability as we understand the requirement of enjoying life is to be responsible.

The packaging are either reusable or recyclable, and we offer a greener choice of no packaging. You can still do it for the gram but please reuse our packaging. Feel free to drop us some DMs because we have a lot of interesting hacks to share regarding how to reuse it! 

Let’s give back to the Mother Nature together!